If you keep the vehicle near your house, within 50 meters (160 ft) - make sure that the Key fob and the device do not keep the connection between them. If this is the case, the alarm will not start until the bike is taken away out of the reception area of the Key fob and the device. If your bike is kept outside and the Key fob is inside, the reception area can vary from a few meters to 30 meters (100 feet), depending on the walls and other concrete objects. Only in rare occasions can the key fob connect to the Monimoto device more than 15 meters (50 feet) away, as walls or windows significantly limit the radio signal.

Luckily the connection distance between Monimoto and the Key fob can now be reduced. This will allow you to make sure that the Monimoto and the Key fob are not connected when you park your vehicle near your home or office.

This works for MM5 and MM6 models from firmware version

To reduce the range, park your vehicle, put your Key fob in place where you usually keep it.

Connect to your Monimoto in the app, go to the Key fob menu and slightly reduce the distance.

The Key fob will restart and you will be able to see if the key fob still connects.

If it still connects, reduce the signal again until the Monimoto device is no longer linked to the Key fob.  

Note. Reducing the distance increases the chances of a false alarm being triggered while driving.

How to test if Monimoto is an older model like MM1, MM2? Leave the KEY fob at home where you usually keep it. Go to your bike and connect with the app from the "Settings" tab. Find the "Keys" menu and check if the key fob shows any signal. Refresh by swiping down if needed.

If the connection is still present - we suggest that you find another place at home to keep your KEY Fob or simply place the KEY Fob in a metal box.