LED that is located between the SIM card and the USB connector.

To save battery life, the device LED flashes only at specific events. In READY mode after successful pairing, you can see LED blinks only when connected with app via Bluetooth.  After device disconnects from the app, LED flashes only twice. 

In Alarm mode when alarm starts, you may see random LED flashes while device registers on GSM network or communicates with server only.

How to see just looking at LED if device works at all and whether it is paired or not ?  

  • Try to remove batteries from Monimoto, wait for at least 3 minutes  and put them back in. It is required in order to discharge the capacitors and to restart the device.  Observe the LED from the very moment of inserting the batteries - if you see one long ~2 seconds flash, then several  (up to 10) short flashes, and later you see Two short flashes every 2 seconds, that means device is registered on GSM and is trying to communicate with the server. In a minute or two, LED goes off.   All that means is that the device is paired to some kind of phone and batteries have power to communicate. If you missed LED and want to see them again, remove batteries for another 3 minutes as it is needed to discharge capacitors. 
  • When you insert batteries and see only one long flash ~2seconds, then 4 shorts and then off, that means device is in default mode and awaiting for pairing.

Weak continuous light 1. Boot mode in progress 2. Firmware was deleted and new one was not successfully uploaded

You can find more LED flash meanings in the manual.